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Chastain, Jeff Assistant Principal
Horton, Tracy Assistant Principal
Phillips, Vince Principal

Arnold, Emily 7th grade Math
Baugh, Morgan 6th Grade Science
Benton, Tracy SPED
Blackwood, Joe 8th Grade Math
Boesing, Heather 6th Grade ELA and Math
Bowen, Amanda 7th Grade Social Studies
Bray, Abigail Physical Education
Calsetta, Alissa Special Education
Carnes, Lesa Health
Castleberry, April Science
Chandler, Emily Chorus
Cook, Ty 7th Grade Science
Culpepper, Butch 6th grade Social Studies
Daugherty, Chasidy 7th grade Science
Daugherty, Trea 8th Grade Georgia History
Dayhuff, Kerry 7th Grade Math
Elkins, Amanda Enrichment Science
Emerson, Jodie 8th Grade Math
Gallagher, Erin 7th Grade Math
Hackett, Evonne Computer Applications / Computer Science
Haley, Cindy ISS
Hedges, Deidre 7th grade Math/Special Education
Hixon-Layne, Vikki Special Education
Jenkins, Kim Media Specialist
Johnston, Patrick 7th Grade Social Studies
Keel, Anna 7th Grade ELA
Kehir, Chad 6th Grade Math
Kennedy, Melanie 8th grade Math
Knox, Stephanie 6th Grade Math
Kopanke-Wallin, Deanne 8th Grade ELA
Lindroth, Kathy-Jo Art
McAfee, Jerry 6th grade Social Studies
McCole, Andrew 6th Grade Language Arts
McDavid, William 6th Grade Science
McKown, Konnie Enrichment Math
McLaurin, Jaime 6th Grade ELA SPED
Miller, Ellie Speech-Language Pathologist
Miller, Jacqueline Band
Peoples, Aqua 8th grade ELA
Petty, Paula Enrichment Language Arts
Phillips, Corey Enrichment - Social Studies
Phillips, Johnny Physical Education
Phillips, Kayla 7th Grade ELA
Prescott, Samantha 8th Grade ELA
Privett, Michelle Academic Coach
Reese, Jill 8th Grade Math
Rogers, Ragan 8th Grade Science
Sanders, Shanna SPED
Tennant, Ma'Sha 6th Grade Math SPED
Terpstra, Brian 7th Grade ELA SPED
Thompson, Lisa 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Math
Vischetti, Yvonne 7th grade Language Arts
White, Elizabeth Family and Consumer Science
Whitworth, Monica 6th Grade ELA
Wilbanks, Melissa 8th grade Science
Williams, Kelly 8th grade Georgia History
Witt, Gina ESOL
Young, Lisa 6th Grade SPED

Bailey, Jeffery Custodian
Bailey, Susan Bookkeeper
Bishop, Mary Cafeteria Manager
Bradshaw, Lois Paraprofessional
Creasman, Leslie Paraprofessional
Crumley, Ed Custodian
Durand, Kyle Paraprofessional
Edwards, Blake SRO
Gardner, Paul Paraprofessional
Hitt, Wendy Paraprofessional
Hobbs, Allison Receptionist
Hullander, Jerry Community in Schools
Justice, Maggie Attendance Secretary
Kirby, Penny Cafeteria Bookkeeper
Lanham, Mary Registrar
Lastoria, Lauren Guidance Counselor
Ledford, Zina School Secretary
Lewis, Ben Paraprofessional
Moore, Flora Cafeteria Staff
Newell, Stacey Parent Coordinator
Oliver, Mark Custodian
Pettyjohn, Danielle Social Worker
Slaven, Adam Paraprofessional
Stockburger, Kristi Nurse
Talbott, Rosie Cafeteria Staff
Teems, Sandra Cafeteria Staff
Thomas, Kristina Paraprofessional
Travillian, John Counselor
Ware, James Custodian
Woods, James Custodian