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Parent Portal Information

Accessing the Mobile App

Access the App

The Mobile Portal app is downloaded the same way all other apps are downloaded. Parents and students need a District ID from their school district in addition to their normal login information used to access the Campus Portal. This six digit access code can be found by logging in to the Campus Portal and clicking on the get your district ID button.

Only passwords are case sensitive.

1. Log into the Campus Portal from a web browser. Passwords are case sensitive.

2. Click the Get Your District ID button that displays under the Process Inbox. A new browser page called Campus Mobile Portal Installation displays. This installation page provides information on connecting your device to the Mobile Portal app.

3. Note the District ID that displays. You'll need this information later.

4. Select the appropriate app store image. This takes you to the appropriate app store. If you have already downloaded the app proceed to step #6.

5. Download the app. When it opens, the Settings option displays.

6. Enter the 6-digit District ID number previously found in the District ID field.

7. Enter your Campus Portal username and password.

8. Press Go or Sign In. Data will begin to download.


Parent Portal Acceptable Use Procedure Acceptance Form