Visits to a doctor or dentist, a confirmed illness, and a serious illness or a death in the immediate family constitute an excused absence. All other absences are unexcused absences (refer to School Board Policy JBD). School board policy states that students will not be allowed to make up missed assignments following an unexcused absence. However, when parents know that a student will miss school for reasons other than those that constitute an excused absence, they may request (in writing) that the absence be considered a justified unexcused absence. Students may then complete any work missed.

Parents are asked to call the school office (706-866-1040) to notify the school about extended absences. Students who have been absent must bring a written explanation signed by their parents. This note, which must be dated, will serve as admittance to class and should be given to the attendance secretary. Students with excessive absences, extended illness or a serious health problem will be required to bring a doctor’s excuse saying that the student was physically unable to attend school. Students, and/or parents, may be contacted for an explanation about excessive absences. Refer to the Catoosa County Schools Student Attendance and Discipline Handbook for additional information.
NOTE:  Attendance Policies in the Every Student Succeeds legislation states that any student absent from school for more than 15 days cannot be promoted to the next grade level.

Students may not participate in after-school activities on any day that they are absent from school or have checked out of school before attending half of the day.

Students are expected to take the initiative in getting make-up work completed. They may have the number of days to complete make-up work that equal the number of absent days.  Assignments for students who have been absent 3 or more consecutive days will be provided to parents if requested. Please call the office to arrange for this make-up work.  Students who have extended illnesses (10 days or more) need to contact the counseling office as soon as possible to request a homebound teacher. Make-up work is allowed, and expected, for any absences.
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