Building Policies

Each member of the middle school community has the basic right to an education. Everyone must feel physically and emotionally safe here at Lakeview Middle School. This includes school buses, school grounds, hallways, classrooms, cafeterias and all school sponsored events. To accomplish this, clear and consistent expectations are addressed with our PBIS goals. Ultimately, the goal is to have individuals make responsible decisions and be accountable for their actions. The social and emotional needs of each middle school student play such significant roles in his/her life that they are the core of any middle school philosophy.

The PBIS clearly establishes our expectations and is a vehicle for effective teaching. It provides students and staff with positive learning and behavior strategies which allow them to become self-managing. Parents, teachers, staff and administrators serve as role models, facilitators and partners in this process. This collaborative approach empowers all to cooperate fully. Where respect and success are nurtured, a student-centered team environment is achieved.

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